TERRITORY (in post production)

Distributor TBA (2012)

Balthazar, a young gay performance artist uses his anonymous craig's list encounters as a basis for his video, performance and photography pieces. One of his subjects disappears, drawing Balt into danger and mystery and death.




WaterBearer Films (2012)

Featuring copious sex, drugs and rock and roll (and that's just in the pre-credit sequence), The Pretty Boys swings to its own queer beat. Writer-director Everett Lewis' 1973-set period piece concerns Pagan, a shirtless, pansexual, drug-addled singer-songwriter. He's smitten with hunky Donovan, probed by an ambitious journalist and drugged by an evil groupie. Unfolding as a double LP, Pretty Boys meanders from seductive and weird to wild and tender. -Gary Kramer, Instinct Magazine




Optimale,   France   (2011);   EverettLewisFilms,   US   (2011)

Somefarwhere (link to Cheries Cheries film fest in Paris) http://cheries-cheris.com/somefarwhere.html In 2003, during the war in Iraq, Price, a young American is in the middle east searching for his lover, a young Marine Captain accused of desertion. Price is bribing embassy officials, attracts the attention of the CIA in the form of a bent agent working his own version of the war, and confesses his search to his arab translator, who helps Price find his lover. Enduring suspicion, threats and torture, Price doesn't give up his search... (from the Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival catalogue)




Breaking Glass Pictures (2009)


An edgy, sensual and salacious exploration of youthful indiscretion, sexual indulgence and the high stakes of attraction--a story that rings true to anyone who's ever fallen for the wrong guy for all the right reasons.




TLA Releasing (2005)

A wild, operatic, comic book influenced ride with a strong political bent, in this film we follow a young homeless gay man as he finds a place to call home--and friends and lovers to go home with. In this hypercharged, color drenched world, 'our kisses are louder than bombs'.
distrubutor: TLA Releasing




TLA Releasing (2002)


Set in the period 'post Kurt and pre-millenium', Luster is a refreshing look at gay romance that's edgy, tender and darkly comic, it's a gritty yet romantic ode to one young man's adventures in lust, sex and maybe even love.




Distributor TBA


Now considered a 'queer classic', this wide ranging film forces sexual boundaries and emotional complexities while challenging the viewer as it pushes through the veneers of conventional society and conventional filmmaking. S&B follows a young actor as he slowly allows himself to be stripped--literally and figuratively. His desires corrupt and ultimately devour him.




Distributor (1993)

A very beautiful and lyrical meditation into the trauma that can befall a family when it's spiritual anchor is torn away from it's foundation. Stephen Dorff and Geneivive Bujold give fantastic performances as a son and mother whose grasp on reality as we know it is being stripped away piece by agonizing piece. This film shares the same type of foreboding atmosphere as 'Donnie Darko' and 'Seven'. I think maybe it was a bit too ahead of it's time to pick up a distributor at Sundance in 1993.




Distributor TBA

Exploding onto the independent scene in 1990, Everett Lewis's Parking Lots has an urgency and a momentum that years ago ushered in the films of the French New Wave. Emotionally complex, yet framed within a simple narrative, the story explores the relationship between the adolescent Chris, a car thief, and his older brother Lance, a drug dealer and gun runner, who are struggling to rise above the fringe, fast-lane world which surrounds them.

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